About this site

The purpose of this site is to investigate, through the form of short essays, various aspects related to systems-of-systems. One of the most important trends in current society is the digitization of almost every human activity. This means that activities that used to be manual are taken over by technical systems and in particular by software. Human activities are thus automated by systems, and those systems do not only become more complex than previous generations, but also need to be more intelligent to take over human tasks.

However, it is not only singular human activities that are automated, but entire workflows, and this leads to the formation of loosely coupled systems-of-systems. Whereas the singular automated systems can correspond to the activities performed by one person, the system-of-systems correspond to many persons. Eventually, as the scale of those systems-of-systems grows, they do not any more correspond to groups of people, but to entire societies.

The title of this site, societies of systems, has been carefully selected to match one of the main hypothesis underlying this investigation. This hypothesis is that the way human societies are organized gives many clues to how well-functioning systems-of-systems need to be built.